I'm an awesome browser-based app for multimedia management. I attach directly to your Amazon Web Services (AWS) account. I make it cheap and simple to manage videos, images and documents -- share them anywhere -- and mash them together to create unique e-learning experiences which also include tools for end-users like bookmarking and group collaboration.

WHO WHAT WHY Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Amazon web services is a collection of Internet computing services, also known as a cloud computing platform, offered by Amazon.com. The service officially launched in 2006; it's been around longer than all the other big platforms. Lots of companies you know utilize it, like Netflix, Pinterest and even NASA. As an end-user of AWS, you take all the cost benefits for yourself. For example, the cost to store 1 gigabyte of video is around 3 cents per month! There is no minimum charge; you honestly only pay for exactly what you use* AWS's storage cloud, called "S3", is at Cloudwisely's core and your private database will run on SimpleDB. Cloudwisely never stores your data, rather it simply connects to your AWS account and leverages its API to make complex things, super easy. What does it mean for you? Well for one your data is backed by one of the biggest Internet service providers on the planet, not our little startup. Secondly, the AWS APIs are open to you too, thus, if you're a developer or use hired developers you can build your own apps on top of your own data leveraging any one of AWS's many available SDKs. Oh, and get this, if you're signing up for AWS as a first-time customer, you'll get 5Gb of storage (and other things) free for a year. SimpleDB costs will be neglible.**; only you spin that engine, not your visitors. So with that, please stand by because Cloudwisely is not quite fully baked, but we would love to let you know when its ready for you!

*You also pay for various requests and data-transfer. All relatively very inexpensive. Check the details. If you have an idea about how much traffic you might get there's a calculator available that should help estimate your costs. **SimpleDB uses a small amount of your S3 storage and the first 25 machine hours per month are free. Check the details.